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The Company

Decor glass was established in January 2003, a family-owned business that initially carries out the contracting business of blown, flat and centrifuged glass decoration, etching and satin-finishing as it relates to the lighting sector and to a small extent to the household sector.

In November 2010 the company started a new project thanks to new employees with more than 35 years of experience in the field, and specialized in glass painting.

Following major investments such as the purchase of two new automatic electrostatic painting equipment, Decor Glass concentrates all its activity in tableware decoration and more specifically:





Not only Decoration

Also Packaging

In addition to glass decoration, the company has also specialized in packaging by including two automatic labeling machines and a taping machine in the production line.

As a result, we are able to provide our customers with a complete logistics management service, starting from decoration, through packing, storage and direct delivery to the end customer, without burdening Our customer with additional transportation costs.

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The History
of our company

Gennaio 2003
La Nascita di Decor Glass
Novembre 2010
Nuove idee
Inserimento della decorazione manuale ed automatica su articoli per la casa o per l’illuminazione.
Gennaio 2012
Specializzazione nel confezionamento
Giugno 2015
Inserimento della Serigrafia nel processo produttivo.
Inserimento della tampografia come servizio aziendale
Nuovo impianto di Verniciatura
Acquisizione nuovo impianto di verniciatura automatico Certificato 4.0
Nuovo impianto di Metallizzazione
Nuovo impianto di Metallizzazione Certificato 4.0
Secondo impianto di Metallizzazione
Acquisto secondo impianto di metallizzazione ad alta tecnologia Certificato 4.0