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Over 35 years of experience
in the glass industry

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Colors, like features, follow the changes of emotions.

Pablo Picasso

In Decor Glass, we mainly deal with contract decoration of glassware, glasses, perfumery and bottles.

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What Facciamo

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This technique offers the opportunity to customize glass in unique and creative ways. Certified paints with regular MSDS and data sheets, and depending on the decoration required we can guarantee durability to over 150 cycles in the dishwasher.
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A technique whereby a thin film of aluminum is applied to the surface of glass through high vacuum. This process is used to give glass a reflective, metallic or mirrored appearance, creating eye-catching visual effects.
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With this technique we are able to print on glass any inscription or logo provided with vector file. It is possible to reproduce your own brand name, call sign or a desired logo on glass.
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It allows reproducing with high fidelity and resolution, drawings, lettering and decorations. Pad printing allows printing with higher definition than screen printing, enabling the reproduction of the finest strokes with sharpness.

In DecorGlass you will find

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Discover the beauty of glass and turn your spaces into works of art. Contact us for a personalized consultation and find out how we can turn your vision into reality.

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Color is an expression of hidden virtue.

Marguerite Yorcenar

Why Choose DecorGlass

More than 20 years of experience

Glass is an extraordinary material that can capture light and transform it into shimmering beauty. Tradition and passion are the key points of our company.

Wide range of products

We can process glasses, bottles, goblets, room dispensers and perfumery. Each of our projects is unique, designed from your wishes and needs.

Listening, Support and Safety

Each of your projects is our priority. We advise you on the choice of the right workmanship for your needs, to the choice of colors through our sample room, and we guarantee paint hold up to 150 washes.

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